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Bicycle messengers are in great demand in the San Francisco Bay area, and provide an invaluable service to many businesses here. Unfortunately, they also face significant risk every day because of inattentive, careless or negligent motorists. If you or a loved one has been injured while working as a bike messenger, the lawyers at Weber & Nierenberg can help.

At Weber & Nierenberg, we have aggressively fought for the rights of injured people in northern California for nearly three decades, including bicycle messengers injured by careless motorists. We take a results-oriented approach, focusing our skill, knowledge, experience and resources on finding ways to get full and fair compensation for your losses. We have a long track record of obtaining positive results for personal injury victims, including many multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements.

Our Representation of Injured Bicycle Messengers

Because of our experience, we know that bike messengers can suffer injury in a variety of ways, all involving the carelessness or negligence of motorists:

  • A driver may “look past” you to a green light and rear-end you
  • A driver may run a yellow or red light and hit you when you have the right of way
  • A motor vehicle operator may swerve into the bike lane
  • A driver may turn left or right into your path
  • A driver may roll through a stop sign and hit you

We also represent bike messengers who suffer injuries caused by defects on their bike, as well as defective or improperly maintained roadways.

We offer comprehensive counsel to injured bicycle messengers, helping you get the medical attention you need, as well as any insurance benefits to which you are entitled. We will work to secure reimbursement for or replacement of your bicycle, and will handle all matters in the courts, should you need to file a lawsuit to protect your interests.

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Contingency Fees Negotiated On Every Case.

At Weber and Nierenberg we understand your anxiety about getting all of your medical bills paid, loss of earnings reimbursed, compensation for pain, suffering or the loss of a loved one and the costs of high quality legal representation. We provide an initial evaluation of your claim at no charge to you. If you decide to retain us we will negotiate a contingency fee with you that you are comfortable with so that you will not pay any attorney fees or costs unless we get you compensation for your losses.

Recent Examples of How We Have Helped Our Personal Injury Clients

We represented a 76-year-old whose car was rear-ended by a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus. The bus driver was intoxicated, and our investigation revealed that the driver had an extensive substance abuse problem and prior accident history. The accident severed our client’s spinal cord and left him a T-5 paraplegic. The settlement included enough money to provide him with the needed life care prognosticated by our experts.

We represented the family of an 8-year-old who drowned during her swim class at a public pool in Contra Costa County. We proved to the defendant that the drowning would not have occurred if the pool staff had followed their stated protocols for pool safety. The settlement included a memorial established in honor of our clients’ daughter.

We represented the wife and two adult children of a 57-year old man (assembly line worker) who was struck and killed by an Oakland Police patrol car while crossing within a crosswalk. Following a year of litigation, OPD admitted liability and settled the lawsuit.

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