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The light rail system offers comfortable and timely travel with convenience, helping you minimize your stress when traveling in the Bay Area. However, the light rail can be highly dangerous. Negligence in the operation or maintenance of light rail trains can result in serious injury or death, involving passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. If you have been hurt in an accident involving the light rail, you want an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you pursue full and fair compensation for your losses.

At the law offices of Weber & Nierenberg, we have aggressively protected the rights of personal injury victims for over 30 years, including people who have been injured in an accident involving the light rail. The hallmark of our practice has always been our commitment to a high level of personal service and attention. We are a small firm, and have the flexibility to promptly respond when there are developments in your case. At the same time, though, we offer the extensive resources and knowledge you normally expect to find at a large law practice.

Protecting Victims of Light Rail Accidents

Light rail accidents can take many forms. You can suffer serious injury if the light rail operator is inattentive and strikes a vehicle, or has to make a sudden stop. The poor or improper maintenance of a light rail train can cause any number of types of malfunctions, from the unexpected opening or closing of doors to loss of operator control.

At Weber & Nierenberg, we handle all types of claims arising out of light rail accidents. We will fully investigate the facts and circumstances of your injury, and will use expert witnesses, if necessary, to prepare and present the strongest case for your financial recovery. We will help you seek damages for all your losses, from income or wages to medical expenses to loss of consortium or physical pain and suffering. We handle claims involving serious and catastrophic loss, such as brain injury and spinal cord injury, broken bones, paralysis and amputation or loss of limb. We also protect the rights of people who have lost a loved one in a light rail accident.

Contact Weber & Nierenberg

For a free initial consultation with experienced California personal injury lawyers, contact us or call us toll-free at 1-866-288-6010. We litigate all light rail accident claims on a contingency basis. You will only pay attorney fees if we recover compensation for your losses.

Contingency Fees Negotiated On Every Case.

At Weber & Nierenberg we understand your anxiety about getting all of your medical bills paid, loss of earnings reimbursed, compensation for pain, suffering or the loss of a loved one and the costs of high quality legal representation. We provide an initial evaluation of your claim at no charge to you. If you decide to retain us we will negotiate a contingency fee with you that you are comfortable with so that you will not pay any attorney fees or costs unless we get you compensation for your losses.

Recent Examples of How We Have Helped Our Personal Injury Clients

We represented the surviving husband and two college-age children of a 50 year-old woman who was crossing the street within a crosswalk, when she was struck and killed by a SamTrans bus. We were able to negotiate the settlement after a year of litigation.

We represented a 29-year-old Muni bus passenger who was lifted from his seat by the bus driver and tossed out the front doors onto the street. The driver claimed that when our client placed his fare in the box, he hit the driver’s hand. Our investigation discovered that the bus driver was a convicted violent felon with a history of allegedly attacking other Muni patrons. Our client suffered a fractured wrist and thumb and significant psychological injury.

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