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Things You Want to Know before Joining a Motorcycle Club

Questions to Ask When Considering a Biker Group

Things You Want to Know before Joining a Motorcycle ClubYou just started riding a motorcycle or you’ve been an avid biker for some time, but you’ve decided a biker group might offer some benefits—camaraderie, improved skills, a social network. You’ve looked around and are ready to learn more about some groups, so that you can find the one that’s right for you. Here are some questions to ask before you make a commitment:

  • What are the requirements to become a full member with all privileges?—Different groups take different approaches. For many purely social clubs, you can immediately become a full member by paying your dues. Some clubs may, however, require that you go through a period of probation, often waiting months or years before you can get a patch.
  • What’s the ratio of male to female riders? Many clubs are segregated by gender, but mostclubs are predominantly male.
  • Can I go through the whole process and still be denied a membership? Many clubs have specific stages and criteria that must be met to become a member, but still reserve the right to deny you a membership based on a vote of the club.
  • Are you a riding club or a motorcycle club? A riding club is just what the name suggests—a group of people who get together almost exclusively to get on the road. Motorcycle clubs often sponsor rides, but are typically involved in a wide range of activities, including fundraisers, social events, picnics and educational programs.
  • What are your rules? Just about every club has its own set of rules. You want to know what they are before you join. If the club won’t share them with you, you don’t want to bea member.

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The Benefits of Joining a Motorcycle Club

Reasons for Looking into a Local Motorcycle Group

The Benefits of Joining a Motorcycle ClubThough motorcycle groups have a bad reputation, it’s like most things—it’s the exception to the rule that gets most of the publicity. Most authorities believe that the criminal motorcycle gangs account for about 1% of all organized biker groups. Far more common are clubs that bring diverse members of a community together for organized rides, events and interaction.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from a motorcycle club:

  • Increased skills on your bike—It’s like anything…when you hang around with people whoare good at what they do, it can rub off on you. If you’re a bit of a novice, you can quickly develop skills tagging along with veteran riders. Many clubs have regular skills training and workshops. At a minimum, you’ll probably put more time in on your bike, and that almost always makes you a better rider.
  • Share your passion in a structured environment—It’s pretty much a given that most motorcyclists are rugged individualists. That can often make it difficult to find a sense of community when you need it. In addition, that “lone rider” mentality can make it hard tomake a difference in your community and the world. With a bike club, you get the structure you need to create opportunities for harmonious gatherings, a place where you can really feel like you belong.
  • Camaraderie—All those values that mean a lot to you—trust, respect, loyalty, community—they’re at the heart of a motorcycle club. Your fellow club members will be like family.

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