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Using Technology to Minimize the Risk of a Motorcycle Accident

New High-Tech Developments Enhance Biker Safety

Using Technology to Minimize the Risk of a Motorcycle AccidentEverywhere you turn, things are getting smarter—your television, your appliances—and now your motorcycle. A number of technological innovations have hit the market recently, all designed to help you maximize the enjoyment of your motorcycle while helping you stay safer. Here are some of the more popular new technologies:

  • Airbags—Airbag technology is applied differently to motorcycles—it’s in the clothing you buy, rather than the bike. The most basic airbags are tethered to your bike and deploy when a cord is pulled. More sophisticated products have computerized systems that detect an impending crash.
  • Directional headlights—The single headlight on a motorcycle, pointed straight ahead, has always been less than adequate, particularly when you’re turning a corner at night. New adaptive headlights use sensors to pivot when you’re rounding a turn, so your headlights shine where you’re going.
  • Antilock braking—Slamming on your brakes is one of the least effective and most dangerous ways to try to stop your bike. Antilock brakes create a “feathering” effect by rapidly reducing and reapplying the brakes a number of times per second. Studies show that fatal crash rates are about one-third lower on bikes with antilock braking systems.
  • Electronic throttle control—This technology replaces the traditional accelerator cable with an electronic device that minimizes the risk of accidental and sudden acceleration.
  • Smart helmets—A number of manufacturers are incorporating Bluetooth technology into helmets, allowing riders to see GPS images and rearview cameras on helmet visors.

Another technology in development, but not yet ready for release, is “vehicle to vehicle” communication, which integrates sensors into a bike to accomplish two objectives: emit a signal to nearby vehicles, making them aware of the presence of the bike; and give motorcyclists notification of the presence of other vehicles nearby.

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Bicycle-Car Accidents Spike Up in California

Injury Rate Highest in 25 Years

When You're in a Motorcycle Accident Caused by a Road HazardAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a number of factors have contributed to a dramatic increase in the number of automobile-bicycle collisions in California and nationwide in the last five years. NHTSA reported that the three-year period from 2016 through 2018 saw the highest rates of traffic accidents involving cyclists since the mid-1990s, as well as a higher incidence of serious and catastrophic injuries.

Authorities say the rise in motor vehicle accidents involving bicyclists can be tied to four specifictrends:

  • A significant increase in the number of miles Americans are putting on the roads;
  • Increased popularity of cycling;
  • The dramatic increase in distracted driving; and
  • The popularity of SUVs and large trucks.

Americans Are Driving More

It’s no secret to why Americans dramatically increased their time behind the wheel during the years 2016-2018. In 2016, the average price for a gallon of gas was $2.14, the lowest since 2002. Studies have long shown a correlation between cheap gas and traffic accidents. As the price of gas goes down, driving becomes more affordable, and more people drive. The more they drive, the more accidents result.

There Are More Cyclists on the Roads

Studies show that more Americans are commuting to work by bicycle. Many cities have improved infrastructure to accommodate the greater number of cyclists, but many have not.

Americans Are More Distracted Behind the Wheel

As handheld devices have become almost universal, they also have become more of a distraction for drivers. NHTSA lists distracted driving as the number one cause of crashes.

Americans Are Driving Bigger Vehicles

The number of big trucks and SUVs on the roads is increasing. Those vehicles tend to have larger blind spots, making it more challenging to see a bicycle on the road.

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