A Checklist for Bikers—More Safety Tips from the Open Road

A Checklist for Bikers More Safety Tips from the Open RoadAs important as it can be to drive defensively and employ other safe driving practices, it’s just as critical that you don’t go out on the road on a bike that’s not road-ready. Here’s a checklist that you should go through every time you get ready to ride.

Before You Get on the Bike

Some of the most important safety measures come before you ever throw your leg over the bike:

  • Check the ground below your motorcycle—Is there anything suspicious on the ground—oil or gas spills or anything that’s fallen off the bike?
  • Are all your lights working properly?—Check your headlights, signals and tail lights, including high beams
  • Tires—Inspect the tread for signs of wear, and make certain there are no cracks or bulges anywhere
  • Fluid levels—Check fluid levels weekly to make certain there are no leaks and that you have ample fluids

After You Get on Your Bike

If everything looks good so far, climb on the bike and test the following:

  • Mirrors—Make certain mirrors are clean and free of cracks, and that they are properly adjusted
  • Clutch and throttle—Rev the engine and release—the throttle should snap back. Also confirm that the clutch engages smoothly.
  • Horn—Make certain it’s working correctly
  • Brakes—Before you pull onto the road, check the front and rear brakes (at a slow speed)

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