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If you were seriously injured or lost a loved one in an intersection accident, rear-end collision, accident involving a pedestrian in the crosswalk, freeway crash, multiple-car pile-up or other car accident, then you need a San Francisco auto accident attorney to help you with your insurance claim.

If a preventable dangerous highway condition caused your auto accident injury, we can file a claim for you against the public entity responsible. If bad brakes, improperly manufactured tires or another defective product caused your auto accident, the personal injury attorneys at the Weber & Nierenberg law firm will pursue a defective-product case.

Why do you need a car accident lawyer?

Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible in claims. They may claim that you were not hurt or that your injuries came from another accident or condition. They may downplay the seriousness of your injuries.

If you talk to the insurance company, do not allow yourself to be recorded. We recommend not making any statements to the insurance company without counsel from an experienced lawyer. It is best to leave all communications to an attorney who has extensive experience handling car accident injury claims. Insurance companies, even your own, will use anything you say against you. They are in the business of paying out as little as possible for car accident claims.

How can we help you?

Once you hire us, we will try to preserve all evidence that remains at the accident scene. We will inspect and photograph your motor vehicle. We will obtain and review all police, fire and ambulance reports. Interviewing witnesses before the insurance company or public entity does is crucial.

We work with a renowned motor vehicle accident reconstruction expert to reconstruct the accident so that the insurance company or public entity can fully understand what happened.

Our auto accident law firm will help you with all matters related to your claim, including:

  • Assisting you with property damage matters related to the auto accident
  • Gathering the necessary insurance information about the auto accident
  • Monitoring your medical progress regarding injuries caused by the auto accident

When the insurance company or public entity disputes who is at fault for the auto accident or when the settlement offer is insufficient to compensate you for your losses, we will file a lawsuit and take your case to trial.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in an accident — especially a serious injury such as a complex bone fracture, amputation, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injurycontact us for a free consultation.

California Auto Accident Uninsured Motorist Claims

If the at-fault driver in your auto accident was either an uninsured or underinsured motorist or if you were the victim of a hit-and-run accident and you have uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage, your own insurance will cover your personal injury claim up to the limits of your policy.

You should retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you receive the full benefits of an uninsured/underinsured motorist accident claim.

Remember, insurance companies represent the interests of their shareholders, not their policyholders. They are in the business of collecting as much money through insurance premiums as possible and paying out as little in claims as possible.

When you make an uninsured / underinsured motorist claim, your insurance company then stands in the shoes of the uninsured / underinsured motorist and becomes your adversary. Even though you pay your insurance company for this coverage, your insurance company does not represent you.

The insurance company has a team of lawyers fighting to minimize or avoid paying you compensation for your injuries; you should retain the services of an experienced law firm that will look out for your interests and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Recent Example of How We Have Helped Our Auto Accident Clients

We represented a 76-year-old whose car was rear-ended by a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus. The bus driver was intoxicated, and our investigation revealed that the driver had an extensive substance abuse problem and prior accident history. The accident severed our client’s spinal cord and left him a T-5 paraplegic. The settlement included enough money to provide him with the needed life care prognosticated by our experts.
Read more about our noteable settlements and trials.

Free Initial Consultation

Schedule a free evaluation to discuss your auto accident claim by calling us toll free at 1-866-288-6010 or, if you prefer, filling out our intake form and having us contact you. You have no obligation to hire us when you receive this evaluation. If you hire us, we will get paid only after we recover money for you.

Contingency Fees Negotiated On Every Case.

At Weber and Nierenberg we understand your anxiety about getting all of your medical bills paid, loss of earnings reimbursed, compensation for pain, suffering or the loss of a loved one and the costs of high quality legal representation. We provide an initial evaluation of your claim at no charge to you. If you decide to retain us we will negotiate a contingency fee with you that you are comfortable with so that you will not pay any attorney fees or costs unless we get you compensation for your losses.

We can protect your interests after a serious accident, including a motorcycle or auto accident, that resulted in serious injury. With offices throughout northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Rafael, Oakland and San Jose, we represent clients throughout the communities in and around the East Bay, North Bay and South Bay, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Napa, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Berkeley, Richmond, Fremont, Hayward, Modesto, Stockton, San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Walnut Creek.

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