California Scooter Clubs Thriving

California Scooter Clubs ThrivingMotorcycle clubs have been around almost as long as bikes themselves, offering a wide range of benefits to new and experienced riders. With the explosive growth in the sale and use of scooters over the last decade, riders of these smaller two-wheel vehicles have followed suit. From Napa to San Diego, from San Jose to L.A., you won’t have to go far to find fellow enthusiasts with whom you can enjoy a ride, or get answers to your questions. Here are some of the clubs you can join, along with their benefits:

  • The Napa Valley Scooter Club—Founded in 2003, this is one of California’s oldest clubs dedicated exclusively to scooter enthusiasts. The group has one big monthly ride, but members often gather in smaller groups for local rides and social events.
  • The Black Sheep Scooter Club—This San Francisco-based scooter club has multiple rides just about every weekend, including evening rides Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The club posts maps and sponsors events with bands and food.
  • The South Bay Scooter Posse, in San Jose—This extremely active and ambitious group has taken in some of the most breathtaking scenery in California. The posse had a 2012 ride to Yosemite, went to Mt. Lassen in 2015 and has also visited Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The group organizes road rallies and other events and offers members access to an online forum to discuss all things scooter.
  • The Northern California eScooter Club—This group is, for the most part, a virtual entity. There are no scheduled meetings, but members can connect and hook up to share rides. The club’s website if an encyclopedia of information on scooters, with information for people just considering getting a scooter, as well as seasoned veterans.

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