Can I Leave the Scene of An Accident If Nobody Is Injured?

Fender Bender
Even if no one is injured in your car crash, the law states that you cannot leave the scene of an accident. If you do, you could theoretically get charged with a hit-and-run misdemeanor. If someone was injured in the crash and you leave the scene, you could potentially be charged with a felony hit-and-run. Better to sit tight in your car.

You ideally should exchange all contact information with the other driver involved in the accident, including insurance and car information. Then you should call the police to report the accident so that it can be documented, and only then should you be free to go.

When you speak with the driver of the other vehicle, don’t admit fault. It may not even be wise to say you are sorry, even though that would be a person’s natural inclination. Later on, insurance companies may take the “I’m sorry” as an admission of guilt, even if you were not at fault. In the same vein, say as little as possible to the police officer taking the report. Be polite and respectful without saying too much until you speak with your own insurance agent about what happened.

If you have hit a parked car, damaging property, you should make every attempt to find the driver or owner of the parked car. If you cannot, don’t just leave the scene without leaving a note with your contact information.

The one exception to instructions not to leave the scene of the accident is if you have been injured and are unable to actually exchange information with the other driver and the police.

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