One year marks one million rides on BART to Oakland!

November 21 marks one year of active service for the automated BART to OAK line between Oakland International Airport and Coliseum Station.  Coincidentally, it is also expected to reach the one millionth passenger trip milestone at some point this weekend – a sign of its tremendous success and growing reputation among riders.

“The BART to OAK line is clean, modern and convenient for riders,” said BART spokesperson Jim Allison. “Based on feedback from our riders both in surveys and on social media, they agree and appreciate just how quick the ride is.”

BART to OAK’s popularity was quickly made apparent, with a 36.5% increase in ridership compared to the AirBART shuttle bus previously serving as the link between BART and the airport.  A constantly growing daily average of 3,300 entries and exits highlights the importance of a rail connection to air travel – especially as Oakland International continues to experience large increases in passenger traffic alongside expanded service routes.

Oakland Airport spokesperson Keonnis Taylor said, “The airport is delighted to be celebrating our first year of partnership with BART by also commemorating the one millionth BART to OAK passenger. It’s an exciting way to begin the holiday season, and to continue the trend of growth the airport has seen this year.”

Furthermore, BART passenger surveys underscored the positive ridership numbers, reporting a 99% approval rating of the new train system – i.e., describing the service as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent.’ Reliability also helped boost passengers’ perceptions: BART to OAK had a 99.7% service availability rating during the previous quarter.

As 2015 wraps up, BART is again expecting a significant increase in airport passengers during the holiday season.  To help travelers, BART will be making an additional 400 long-term airport parking spaces available systemwide for this year’s holiday season – so if you’re planning on traveling far away to see loved ones, BART has your transit needs covered.

Still Great Potential for Accidents and Injuries on Public Transportation!

Public transportation has improved and certainly expanded over the last several years. However, there is still great potential for accidents and injuries on public transportation. If you have been injured in a public transportation accident, an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney can help you determine if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.
To help prevent an accident or injury while using public transportation the following safety tips may be helpful:
Do not rush to board a bus or subway, this way you can avoid falling or slipping and becoming injured.
As the bus or train approaches stand back from the edge of the platform or curb and stay a bit to the side to avoid being accidentally pushed or shoved off balance.
Do not try to enter a subway car when the doors are closing and ensure packages, pocketbooks and backpacks are clear of closing doors after you have entered the train.
Only use the emergency cord to prevent an accident or injury.
Do not run or walk on escalators—stand, hold the rail and face forward. Improper use of escalators can cause serious injuries.
Do not run for the bus—you can slip, trip or fall and sustain serious injuries.
Do not stand in stairwells or lean against doors while traveling on a bus—sudden stops could cause you to fall and become injured.
When boarding or leaving a bus watch for slippery surfaces, icy sidewalks or other hazards, which may cause you to fall.
A San Francisco personal injury law firm can help
Unfortunately, no matter how many advances have been made in transportation, accidents still happen and individuals can become seriously injured. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a public transportation accident contact us online or call 866-288-6010 to discuss your injury case.

Man Killed in Collision With Tow Truck on Blossom Hill Road, San Jose, CA on 9/6/13

On Friday, September 6, 2013, a man driving a Chevrolet Impala was involved in a collision with a tow truck at Blossom Hill Road and Poughkeepsie Road in San Jose. The driver of the Impala suffered fatal injuries. Police are investigating.

The personal injury attorneys at the Weber & Nierenberg law firm are well-experienced in motor vehicle accidents, including those involving wrongful death, as well as motorcycle, bus, truck, pedestrian and bicycle accident cases, and will work hard and competently to obtain complete compensation for your injuries and losses.

If you or someone you know needs to know their rights regarding a pedestrian accident or auto, motorcycle, bicycle, bus accident or other type of personal injury, call the attorneys at the Weber and Nierenberg law firm. Personal injury attorneys at Weber & Nierenberg will work hard to make sure your rights are vindicated. For a free consultation or to make an appointment, call 1-866-288-6010.

Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims

San Francisco | San Jose | Oakland | San Rafael, CA

The personal injury lawyers of Weber & Nierenberg represent motorcyclists and bicycle riders who have suffered serious injuries when struck by a truck or other commercial vehicle in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our understanding of the important differences between accident litigation involving commercial insurance and those cases involving private auto policies can make a significant difference in the outcome of a severe injury case.

In bike collisions with private passenger vehicles, the policy limits of the driver that hit you represent an important factor in the case’s resolution. In catastrophic injury accidents, an auto driver’s liability coverage limits of $50,000, $100,000 or even $200,000 will come nowhere close to what you need to cover a permanent disability, years of lost income or complex medical and rehabilitative treatment.

As a result, our attorneys can often reasonably expect to settle these cases at the policy limits once we establish the other driver’s liability and the extent of the accident victim’s injuries. We then pursue any and all other potential defendants to maximize the value of your overall financial recovery.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents Mean Commercial Insurance Coverage

When the driver who hit you is covered under a commercial vehicle or fleet liability policy, however, it is unrealistic to expect a prompt settlement at the policy limits. Coverage typically begins at $1 million per accident, with much larger policy limits common. What this means for the injured motorcyclist in practical terms is that the victim needs to prove every element of his or her loss in detail, often with expert support.

Unlike a severe injury case that would likely settle at low liability coverage limits, the claims adjusters and defense lawyers in a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle case have every incentive to demand strict proof of injury claims.

If you need $700,000, they will try to settle for $400,000. If you need $1.6 million, they will attack the evidence supporting the damages demand in an attempt to settle the case for $800,000. Truck accident litigation often develops into a contest between opposing teams of experts, with each side presenting a thoroughly reasoned analysis of its position.

Call a San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorney: 866-288-6010

Weber & Nierenberg has the experience and sophisticated approach to complex accident litigation necessary to give an injured motorcycle or bicycle rider a strong chance of recovering fair compensation for severe or disabling injuries. Our familiarity with the legal strategies used by commercial vehicle insurance defense lawyers represents an important advantage for our clients. Contact us at any of our four Bay Area locations to learn more about our experience with northern California truck and commercial vehicle litigation.

With offices in San Francisco, San Rafael, Oakland and San Jose, our attorneys represent clients throughout the East Bay, North Bay, South Bay and other northern California communities, including Sacramento, Napa, Santa Rosa, Berkeley, Richmond, Fremont, Hayward, Modesto, Stockton, San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Walnut Creek.

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