New Scooter Laws in Effect in California

New Scooter LawsThe California legislature has enacted new laws governing the use and operation of scooters on the state’s roadways. Among the most controversial provisions—the new law does not require adults riding scooters on streets or bike paths to wear helmets. Minors must still wear headgear and motorcyclists are also required to wear helmets.

Officials at Bird, the scooter company that helped sponsor the legislation, said that prior laws that required helmets for adults discouraged scooter use, as adults did not want to tote a helmet around to be able to ride a scooter. Those who favored the helmet requirements of the prior law expressed befuddlement, arguing that motorcyclists on the same streets must have helmets. They also expressed concerns that the new laws will encourage scooter use on roads with more traffic and higher speed limits, making helmets even more important.

Under the new statute:

  • A rider must be at least 18 to ride without a helmet
  • Scooters can be operated in class II or class IV bike paths, but at speeds no higher than 15 mph
  • Scooters may be operated on streets with speed limits up to 25 mph, but at speeds no higher than 15 mph
  • Scooters may be operated on streets with speed limits up to 35 mph (but only if local authorities enact ordinances permitting it), but only at speeds up to 15 mph

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California Scooter Clubs Thriving

California Scooter Clubs ThrivingMotorcycle clubs have been around almost as long as bikes themselves, offering a wide range of benefits to new and experienced riders. With the explosive growth in the sale and use of scooters over the last decade, riders of these smaller two-wheel vehicles have followed suit. From Napa to San Diego, from San Jose to L.A., you won’t have to go far to find fellow enthusiasts with whom you can enjoy a ride, or get answers to your questions. Here are some of the clubs you can join, along with their benefits:

  • The Napa Valley Scooter Club—Founded in 2003, this is one of California’s oldest clubs dedicated exclusively to scooter enthusiasts. The group has one big monthly ride, but members often gather in smaller groups for local rides and social events.
  • The Black Sheep Scooter Club—This San Francisco-based scooter club has multiple rides just about every weekend, including evening rides Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The club posts maps and sponsors events with bands and food.
  • The South Bay Scooter Posse, in San Jose—This extremely active and ambitious group has taken in some of the most breathtaking scenery in California. The posse had a 2012 ride to Yosemite, went to Mt. Lassen in 2015 and has also visited Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The group organizes road rallies and other events and offers members access to an online forum to discuss all things scooter.
  • The Northern California eScooter Club—This group is, for the most part, a virtual entity. There are no scheduled meetings, but members can connect and hook up to share rides. The club’s website if an encyclopedia of information on scooters, with information for people just considering getting a scooter, as well as seasoned veterans.

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A Bike or a Scooter – What’s Right for You?

Man driving on scooter

You’re looking for wheels and you know you want to feel the wind and the freedom that comes on two wheels. But you have options–maybe you know you’re meant to ride a Harley, but maybe your budget is limited or there are other reasons you don’t want or need a motorcycle. Here’s some valuable information to help you decide whether a motorcycle, a scooter or moped is best for you.

What’s the Difference between the Three?

As a general rule, a motorcycle has an engine with at least 150 cc, though purists will insist that if it doesn’t have at least 250cc, it’s not a motorcycle. With that type of power, a motorcycle can often reach speeds of 110 mph or higher.

A scooter, on the other hand, typically has an engine with a 50cc to 150cc range, but may have an 250cc engine. A 50cc engine typically has a top end speed of about 40 miles per hour, while a 250cc scooter can hit 75 mph.

Technically, the difference between a scooter and a moped has to do with propulsion. With a scooter, the engine propels the vehicle all the time. With a moped, the engine generally assists a rider who’s pedaling, providing only a portion of the propulsion. A moped can have the same engine size as a scooter, so can attain the same speeds.

With respect to fuel efficiency, scooters and mopeds far exceed motorcycles, though motorcycles are a cheaper way to travel than automobiles. The average motorcycle gets approximately 45 miles to the gallon, but can get upwards of 85 mpg. With a scooter, you can reasonably expect to travel more than 125 miles on a single gallon of gasoline. Scooters and mopeds have significantly smaller fuel tanks, though, so are ideally suited for commuters and not for lengthy trips.

Not surprisingly, the cost of a new motorcycle is customarily heftier than a scooter or moped. A new bike will likely cost at least $2500, whereas you can get a new scooter for under a thousand dollars. There are, however, luxury scooters that run more than $10,000.

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