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I was struck by a vehicle while on the sidewalk in front of my office at work. A driver lost control of her car and came up over the curb onto the sidewalk and hit me in the back which pushed me through a tree and threw me 10 ft in the air and I landed on my back causing multiple broken bones and fractures. I was left with some permanent injuries that will forever be a limitation in my life. Joe was an excellent attorney throughout the process. He was empathic to my overwhelm and consistently checked in with me and kept the ball rolling forward. I am happy to report my claim was paid out in full thanks to Joe and his legal assistant Lorraine Burciaga who did an impeccable job organizing the documentation and leaving no stone unturned. Joe and Lorraine have so many positive Yelp reviews for a good reason. They work hard on your behalf to get you the best possible result. I recommend Joe Nierenberg without reservation. If you need a personal injury attorney I would not hesitate in recommending Joe. You will be in good hands with Joe and Lorraine who will do diligence on your behalf.

This guy is wonderful! We were given his contact information from a work friend who'd also suffered severe injury from a collision (I was hit by a distracted driver while crossing the street), and right out of the hospital he was there to help guide us through the whole process - the contact he has for neuropsychology made a huge difference, and everyone he works with are great. He's got a lot of experience with TBI cases which really helped here, and managed to get the claim all settled smoothly and amicably, and I cannot thank him enough.

I've never hired an injury lawyer before and contacted Joe based on a friend who had hired Joe many many years ago. Of course injury lawyers are people you don't usually to hire on a regular basis thus I had to take his word on how good Joe was. This review is essentially affirming how good Joe IS and probably always has been (based on reading his other online reviews for the first time).

I was involved in a motorcycle accident on Hwy 80 that resulted in multiple fractured ribs but fortunately no surgery nor other injuries (ATGATT). At that time I was also expecting to be first time father soon but little did I know it happened much sooner than we had anticipated. Needless to say, life has ... never a dull moment. In addition to adjusting to the new family member and their demanding schedule, I also had to deal with my health insurance company on a daily basis. It was assuring to have Joe help me understand and navigate the landscape of injury cases and how to deal with the auto insurance companies. Although we only met twice in person, I always felt I can reach Joe anytime via text or phone. His priority has always been my well-being and answering any questions I have.

I am most impressed by Joe's intelligence, integrity and authenticity. He has been around long enough to know what are the various scenarios & outcomes and how best to deal with them (though he seriously don't look like he's been around that long, lol).

It's been a year now since the accident, looking back made me realize how fortunate I am to have hire Joe. This is one life experience that I never wish to repeat. My takeaway for the reader is that if you are involved in an auto injury accident, always document everything that has occurred, talk to an injury lawyer as soon as you can and have patience. Did I mention the compensation I received was way beyond my expectation?

I was involved in an automobile accident and didn't have the right mindset to seek the help of an injury attorney right away. Still, Attorney Joseph Nierenberg reviewed my case with understanding, earnestness, and experienced proficiency.Joe and his legal assistant Lorraine guided me through this unfamiliar and stressful period. They explained the legal process to me with patience, responded to my calls with promptness, and ensured I received updates on the progress. They took care of business so that I was able to continue with my daily life with minimal impact.Joe possesses great expertise in his field as well as a respectable professionalism and empathy. He worked hard in the foreground and in the background to ensure my interest. I am grateful he kept my well being in mind throughout this process.If you do find yourself in a situation where you need the assistance of an injury attorney, I am confident Attorney Joseph Nierenberg and his team will be strong on your side.

I meet Joe 3 years ago he's really honest about stuff, pretty straight forward with information and process. He definitely takes care of business. Even if it takes a while be sure Joe will get the results you want. He gives you updates so you know what's going on with your case. I was involved in several motorcycle accidents Joe always grills me about what coverage to get for my best interest. Joe really cares for his clients and you bet you will have a personal relationship. I would definitely recommend Joe to everyone who needs legal assistance. 10/10 stars stand up guy.

I was hit by a car when I was riding a motorcycle and needed help. I found Joe on yelp having good reviews related to motorcycle accidents. Joe is very prompt and thorough. He explains everything that's going on and will guide you through the process of my case, he is quick to respond to my emails and calls, sometimes his legal assistant Lorraine woud response if Joe happens to be unavailable and Joe would always follow up. He even sent a gift on Thanksgiving. I would recommend him to a friend and anyone who's in need of a great lawyer.

Joe Nierenberg and his assistant Lorraine Burciaga are a great team who really took the best care of my case. Riding on my motorcycle i got run over by a motorist who drove through a red light. I contacted joe's office, a friend recommended him, and within less an hour he got back to me.

I immediately got a very good impression. he is honest, focused and hardworking. he doesn't beat around the bush; he doesn't make false claims or empty promises but stays realistic. I felt comfortable at once.

Communication was great. Either he called me to give me updates (quite often); or Lorraine called or emailed to remind me of documentation, to sign papers, etc.

The process of the claim resp. Settlement took less time than i expected and the resulting settlement was higher than i hoped for.

Thank you, Joe and Lorraine!

On 11 September 2015 I was riding a motorcycle when a woman in a minivan took a left turn right into me, not in front of me, but actually right into me. I was traveling roughly the speed limit and going through an intersection on a solid green light. The driver was distracted and unfamiliar with the area, and she just took a quick turn without looking, crossing my T. I broke seven vertebrae and my right leg.

I contacted Joe Nierenberg who I had met from another case more than a decade earlier. He did well by me then, so I contacted him once again. And let me tell you, Joe is the greatest guy you can ever have on your side. He came and visited me in my home. Joe's primary concern throughout the legal action was my physical and mental well-being. Joe is the kind of lawyer who checks in with you just to see how you are doing.

When it comes to being your legal advocate, Joe is the best. Accept no substitute, this guy has your back. When I as being bullied by the defense lawyer, Joe shot that guy down and made sure he knew that Joe wasn't going to tolerate any BS. He is a seriously impressive lawyer and human being. Joe will literally defend you against anything coming your way if you're his client. He looks out for you. I cannot stress how comforting this attorney is.

As for the settlement, well, Joe over-delivers. This guy knows his stuff, and when it comes to motorcycle injuries he is arguably the best in the bay area. The defense offered me a fraction of what the case was worth, but Joe is strategic. It took a little time but I got a larger settlement than I ever expected. If you've been injured in an accident, especially if you were riding a motorcycle contact Joe. The lady who hit me totally lied about what happened and tried to erroneously blame me for her actions. Joe didn't let it slide and the defense eventually gave up on trying to put the blame on me. Joe is top notch and you cannot to better than Weber and Nierenberg!

God forbid you are in an accident and need an injury lawyer! But if you do, the search stops here with Joe Nierenberg. About a year ago, I was in a motorcycle accident, hit by a motorist and had multiple fractures and bruises. We didn't know any injury lawyers and our only options were google and yelp. My wife shortlisted a few and called them. She couldn't get Joe on the phone and didn't leave a message in her eagerness to contact the next lawyer. However, Joe called back within a few minutes after he saw our missed call and it was well after work hours on friday evening. He was thorough in undertstanding the whole event and methodical in his approach. He even gave us valuable advice in finding the right ortho and insurance details to look into before deciding the doctor.

Joe visited us the next day to discuss the case and impressed us with his professionalism. Over the next several months, I was in touch with Joe on a regular basis. He was extremely quick in his response to any questions and very straight forward on how the case was progressing. He also followed up on my progress from the surgery and physical therapy.

I'm thorougly impressed with how Joe and his assistant Lorraine handled the case right from the beginning to the final settlement.

I have twice now been hit by cars making reckless maneuvers while I was riding a motorcycle, On both occasions I turned to Joe Nierenberg. I was initially referred to Mr. Nierenberg by a fellow motorcycle rider who raved of the firms merits.After my first suit from which the quick recovery of the injury and a fair settlement, as well as the professionalism and care they showed, left me with trust in Mr. Nierenberg and their law firm.

Unfortunately on May 10, 2016 I was struck by a car and sustained a severe bone out compound fracture to my right leg, so for the second time I turned to Mr. Nierenberg and his expertise. Though he tried this time there was little he could help me with, after hunting down every last possibility we found there was nothing, the driver had no insurance, no property or assets to speak of, and the car involved in the accident was abandoned. Regardless of how good my case was there was nothing to go after, once again Joe the truly caring person he is came through for me. Though he looked down every avenue, he decided when all was said and done to waive his fees, and though it may be pennies to a law firm, to someone struggling and out of work for what will most likely be a year at least, THIS IS HUGE.

Thank you so much for all the help and support
Nicholas Thibeault

San Francisco, CA

Joe Nierenberg represented me in a personal injury settlement after a motorcycle accident, after his partner Steve Weber had helped guide me through the early stages of dealing with the at-fault party's insurance company early in my recovery, and my experience with both men was great. From the moment Joe took over my case, his firm handled everything, pushed hard for the maximum settlement amount, and negotiated the final amount owed to my health providers down significantly. If I went through this again the only thing I would do differently would be calling Joe on day 1 instead of waiting to see how the insurance company (the adversary) would try to take advantage of me. Joe is responsive and to the point, exactly what I want in a personal injury lawyer.

Las Vegas, NV

This review has been a long time coming. I cannot thank Joe Nierenberg and his associates enough!!! My fiancé and I were hit on our scooter 3 months before graduating from medical and dental school. It was one of the most difficult times of our lives, I don't know how we could have made it through without the help of this legal team!!! They took care of everything so we were able to focus on our recovery and graduations. Joe Nierenberg was able to reach a settlement that prevented us from going into debt for a situation that was out of our control. Thank you so much for everything!!!

San Francisco, CA

Joe was recommended to me for my motorcycle injury case through a friend.

He was incredibly prompt to respond and meet with me, and kept me updated by phone throughout the settlement process.

Joe is exceptionally honest and exceedingly helpful. Navigating the complicated waters of dealing with various hospitals, insurance companies, and government agencies is difficult and Joe explained everything clearly.

I would absolutely work with Joe again in the future, but I really hoper I don't have to.

San Mateo, CA

Joe Nierenberg is a fantastic lawyer. He's brilliant, ethical and just a really good guy. I was in a motorcycle accident, and Joe took incredible care of me and my case - and he got a much bigger settlement than I had anticipated. It's so hard and scary when you don't know "the system" - Joe was an excellent and fearless advocate.

Over the years, my family has needed Joe Nierenberg"s assistance with a couple of accidents. He is caring, smart, to the point, and most professional.On both occasions, the settlement he obtained for my family exceeded our expectations.His pleasant persistence paid off. He is the best!

By taking charge of my case working with the police, the hospital, my insurance company, dental specialIsts, and the physician groups, he allowed me to focus on helping my wife and family heal, and allowed me to work at my job with out costly distractions.

It was a real relief to place my case in his professional hands.

I hope i will not need this type of service again, but if i do, I will retain Joe.

San Francisco, CA

joe nierenberg and his assistant lorraine burciaga are a great team who really took the best care of my case. riding on my motorcycle i got run over by a motorist who drove through a red light. i contacted joe's office, a friend recommended him, and within less an hour he got back to me.

i immediately got a very good impression. he is honest, focused and hardworking. he doesn't beat around the bush; he doesn't make false claims or empty promises but stays realistic. i felt comfortable at once.

communication was great. either he called me to give me updates (quite often); or lorraine called or emailed to remind me of documentation, to sign papers, etc.

the process of the claim resp. settlement took less time than i expected and the resulting settlement was higher than i hoped for.

thank you, Joe and Lorraine!

Oakland, CA

Service Service Service.. Joe and his assistant Lorraine, go above and beyond for their clients. I was involved in a cycling accident and Joe represented me and got me a lot bigger settlement than what I was expecting. He will take on the big insurance companies for you and not back down. He is honest and I would refer him to anybody that needs a professional attorney to represent them. Stop looking on yelp and call him! you won't regret it.

I highly recommend Attorney Joe Nierenberg Joe explained the whole process very clearly and was the most professional Lawyer i have ever hired.He handled the case from start to finish exactly like he said he would. His assistant Lorraine is also fantastic.They are as good as it gets. Thanks again Joe

For my auto accident, Joseph is the most excellent for client litigation & all the details that this involves. Also Lorraine is excellent & very detailed & made all my problems seems minute although it was by no means that.

5-stars for an OUTSTANDING law firm, 2nd to none...

Clearlake Oaks, CA

"Have used several attorneys on my life. Joe was THE BEST. Responsive, aggressive, informative. Will recommend!! Claim was better than expected and resolved in a timely manner."

A personal friend referred me to Joe Nierenberg after being hit by a car making an unsafe lane change while riding my motorcycle. Mr. Nierenberg was friendly, honest and extremely helpful in getting me through this ordeal. His knowledge of the laws, my rights, and how insurance companies operate are assets that gave me peace of mind throughout this process. He fought hard for me and explained all my options as the case proceeded without sugar coating anything. With his counsel I fared far better than I would have without him and after our first meeting I had great confidence in his abilities. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Nierenberg to anyone in the same situation.

San Francisco, CA

I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident last year where I was hit by a taxi cab in San Francisco. My knee had to get reconstructed and I dislocated/broke my shoulder (the bike was history). I immediately knew I needed an attorney as I know motorcycle cases can be complicated. I was referred to Joe Nierenberg through a co-worker of mine in the biking community. Upon meeting Joe, I was impressed by his professionalism and specific experience related to my situation He was very thorough in collecting all the necessary information and was very clear about the process and his role. He also was clear to provide realistic expectations on the possible outcome of the whole case. Well 1.5 years later and I am collecting my settlement today. It was a little above what Joe had estimated and I was pleased with the whole process. He is a go-getter whose fact gathering and preparedness was far too much for the other party to handle. His experience goes back over 20 years and he has dealt with many motorcycle cases successfully. I would not have felt comfortable hiring anyone else (I fired my first lawyer who was a family friend) and I would urge anyone to meet with him for a free consultation.

San Francisco, CA

I used Joe Nierenberg for the personal injury case of one of my family members. It was an auto accident involving a public entity. I did a lot of research on attorneys and firms who specialized in this type of cases, although all of them were well qualified and experienced, Joe came across as the most personable and the one that I felt most comfortable working with. He has a very hands-on approach with his cases and clients and I really like that, and that was proven with the past clients that I had spoke to as references. Throughout the whole process Joe was very patient and forthcoming about all sorts of information on the case. Another thing that is very particular about Joe is how much he relates to his clients. He really does care about what happened to you and what will happen to you, and you cannot say that about a lot of lawyers out there. In the end my family received a settlement that we were happy about. Money will never replace the loss of your loved one, but having Joe Nierenberg as part of the legal process is a big help!

San Leandro, CA

We used this lawyer in an injury case , he was excellent .He moved to Lake Merritt Oakland . Got us more money than we thought . If you need a lawyer hire him he will get the job done .

San Francisco, CA

Met Joe Nierenberg back in 1992 after a near fatal motorcycle accident. Joe took a very difficult case all the way to trial in a situation where most attorneys would have given up on. His thoroughness and diligence lead to a successful outcome on my behalf. Joe's compassion and professionalism has led to a continued friendship and I would highly recommend him.

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