Dangerous Road Design and Accidents

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When an auto accident occurs, it’s natural to try to determine who caused it and to focus on the drivers involved. But what if the negligent party isn’t even at the scene?

The lawyers of the personal injury lawyers of Weber & Nierenberg are skilled at determining whether road design and road maintenance caused a car or truck accident, identifying plaintiffs and obtaining compensation for accident victims. For example did the accident involve:

  • The lack of a guardrail or other barrier?
  • A sightline issue involving a blocked intersection, dangerous curve or unsafe grade?
  • A dangerously designed on or off ramp?
  • A dangerous surface?
  • Poorly marked construction zone?

We work with experts to determine if road conditions, maintenance or design contributed or led to an accident. We also investigate whether counties, municipalities, states and other potential plaintiffs were made aware of potential dangers. Our experience and diligence has resulted in numerous successful cases. For more information regarding California your rights following an accident, browse the State Bar of California website or contact our firm.

It’s Important to Get Legal Help in Dangerous Road Design-Related Accidents

In some auto accidents, an insurance company may be willing to make a fair offer. When a dangerous road is involved, the relevant government agency may have legal protections. It’s important that you work with an attorney who understands how to build the strongest-possible case while navigating complex issues regarding plaintiff immunity, complex injuries or wrongful death.

At the law firm of Weber & Nierenberg, we can knowledgeably handle your dangerous road case and pursue the compensation you deserve while making roads and communities safer. For a no-charge consultation following a car or truck accident, contact us at 1-866-288-6010.

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