Deadly Crash in Florida

A car accident in Lakeland, Florida claimed two livesHeavy Traffic in a recent crash this February 2013. The two car accident also left two others badly injured. The cars involved in the accident were a 2008 Lamborghini which was headed west and crossed over a median and into the path of an eastbound 2013 Nissan. The impact of the accident threw debris about 1,000 feet from the impact area. According to the police, everyone was wearing seat belts, but the crash remains under investigation. Read: Full article.

When someone has been in an accident, insurance companies will seek to pay as little as possible when handling a car accident injury claim. When you talk to an agent at an insurance company, do not allow the conversation to be recorded since they can use these communications against you to claim that you were not hurt or that your injuries were not the result of the current accident you need coverage on. This is why it is important to get an experienced personal injury attorney to handle these conversations.

Have you or someone you know been a victim of a personal injury matter, or have you lost someone to a wrongful death? If so, you are entitled to know your rights and pursue a legal claim. The attorneys of Weber and Nierenberg have been successful in availing the rights of their clients. To discuss your matter, please contact Weber and Nierenberg by calling 1-866-288-6010 for a free consultation. Note that the attorneys of Weber & Nierenberg represent clients on a contingency basis in wrongful death claims.

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