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Although it’s often the excuse, it’s never a good one—when a careless or negligent motorists collides with your motorcycle or bicycle, the common claim is that they “just didn’t see you.” They may make a left turn at an intersection into your path, change lanes without looking, or simply pull out in front of you from a stop sign. The consequences are almost always devastating. When you are on a bike and you collide with a motor vehicle, you will always get the worst of it.

At Weber & Nierenberg, we bring nearly three decades of experience to bikers and cyclists who have been injured because of the carelessness or negligence of other motorists. We have a long record of results, including:

  • A $1.85 million settlement for a biker who was hit by a commuter van
  • A $1,136,000 settlement for a motorcyclist who sustained injuries when a backhoe pulled in front of him
  • A $1,080,050 verdict for a biker involved in a collision with an automobile

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There is Never an Excuse for Negligence or Carelessness

When a motorist get behind the wheel of a car, truck or motorcycle, they have a duty to exercise reasonable care to minimize the risk of injury to others. This means paying attention to other traffic on the roadways, looking all ways at an intersection, stop sign or traffic light, and taking appropriate precautions to determine the presence of other vehicles, including motorcycles and bicycles. Unfortunately, too many people are in too much of a hurry on the roads, or are distracted by cell phones, car stereos, children or other things.

We handle all types of motorcycle and bicycle injury claims resulting from another driver’s failure to pay attention and see you on the road. We take cases involving:

  • Lane change accidents
  • Failure to yield to your right of way
  • Cars backing or pulling out of a driveway or parking lot in front of you

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Contingency Fees Negotiated On Every Case.

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