Know the Motorcycle Laws before You Ride

Motorcycle Driving TestCalifornia’s motorcycle laws are contained in the California Driver Handbook. According to that book, those individuals who are over age 18 but under age 21 are considered minors, and minors may obtain an M1/M2 instruction permit by completing an application. Those individuals who are over age 21 are classified as adult drivers. All adult drivers must complete the application requirements for a motorcycle license, attend a California Highway Patrol-approved motorcycle training course, pass a DMV skills test or submit a valid DL 389 to waive the skills test, and pass a road test. According to the California motorcycle laws, a skills test is required. During the skills test you must be able to use the following while maneuvering the motorcycle in a normal traffic situation: starter, kill switch, clutch, throttle, gear selector, dimmer switch, brakes, turn signals and horn. You must be able to demonstrate that you can control the motorcycle under normal circumstances. You will be required to weave through five traffic cones in the Serpentine Ride; ride around a circle twice in a clockwise direction while keeping the front wheel in a marked path and returning to the starting point by weaving through the row of five traffic cones in the Circle Ride; ride slowly between two parallel lines while keeping the front tire in the marked path and completing the circle path again in a counterclockwise direction in the Slow Ride; and ride in a straight line while shifting through the gears, first up and then down, and end with a smooth stop at the starting line in the Gear Shift Ride. This is a pass/fail test.

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