Las Vegas Dispute leads to Deadly Auto Crash

A dispute that began in a Las Vegas Hotel ended in a deadly shooting and car crash. As a result, three people were killed and at least three people were injured. The cars involved in the crash were a silver-gray Maserati and a black Range Rover SUV. The Maserati sped off and the SUV had followed at high speeds. Then at around 4:30 a.m. at a stoplight, gunshots were shot from the SUV and hit into the Maserati. As a result, the Maserati crashed into a taxi cab that exploded on impact. The cab driver and passenger were killed at the scene, while the Maserati driver was pronounced dead at a hospital, and a passenger in the Maserati was injured. The SUV that sped away is currently on the lookout by police authorities in three states and is considered to be armed and dangerous. Read more: Full article.

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Driving Cars and motorcycles rashly at high speed can cause severe accidents resulting in grievious injuries to motorcyclists and car passengers. Many motorcycle accidents and Auto Crashes are caused by public transportation drivers, hit and run accidents, right hand turn accidents, and poorly maintained roadways. Motorcyclists should know their rights. For example, under the California Vehicle Code Section 21801, any driver making a left turn have to yield the right of way to all vehicles (including motorcycles) which lawfully come from the other direction and are close enough to constitute a hazard.

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