Miraculous story of 9 year old Car Crash Survivor

ABC news has reported that a 9 year old girl in California survived a car accident where the car landed at the bottom of a ravine. The little girl left the car to get help for her father, who later died from injuries. Alejandro Renteria, 35 years old, was returning from a party with his daughter, who was not named, and driving down the Sierra Highway near Acton, California. The time was around 1 a.m. but he lost control of the vehicle. After the child tried unsuccessfully to get help from a neighboring home, a passing motorist saw her and called police to the accident. Police suspect that alcohol was a factor in the accident. The little girl’s father was pronounced dead when the authorities came. The child was taken to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles where she suffered from minor injuries but was reported to be in good condition. Full article.

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