Personal Protective Equipment for Bikers


There’s nothing that compares to the feeling you get on a motorcycle—the sense of freedom, the wind in your face, you against the elements. But that feeling comes at a cost—the risk of injury is significantly higher on a bike than in a car. For that reason, many bikers choose to use personal equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of serious injury. Personal protective equipment can serve a number of purposes, from lessening the impact of a fall or increasing visibility (to other motorists) to abrasion control or weather protection. Here are some of the tools bikers use to take some of the potential sting out of riding.

  • An approved helmet—Studies show that more than a third of motorcycle accidents result in impact with the chin bar. A full-face helmet can eliminate most of the trauma caused by this impact. Such a helmet can also reduce the risk of road rash and permanent scarring/disfigurement of the face.
  • Clothing—Many bikers wear heavy-duty jackets and pants, made from leather, Kevlar, Cordura, ballistic nylon or other materials. The jackets usually include extra padding in the elbows and the pants can have similar protective material in the knees. Jackets and pants can also have a hard armor-like shell, often worn by competition riders.
  • Gloves—Gloves are also available in Kevlar, leather and similar materials, and may include special padding around the knuckles. The gloves are typically curved to allow better control on the handlebars.
  • Goggles or a helmet visor—If you don’t wear a full-face helmet, you can still protect your eyes and most of your face with goggles. It’s not uncommon to hit bugs or have small stones kick up from the roadway.
  • Boots—Most motorcycle boots are reinforced around the toes and ankles, either with steel, titanium plating or synthetic materials. Also, make certain the soles are rubber, not leather.

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