Rear-End Accidents and Soft Tissue Damage

A few years back, Tiger Woods had to withdrawRear End Collision from the last round of The Players Championship in late spring due to pain. He insisted that it wasn’t pain in the neck related to the now infamous car crash when he struck a tree outside his home just after his then wife became aware of his infidelity.

If Tiger Woods did have soft tissue injury in his neck five months after the initial trauma, on November 27, that would not be unusual. Soft tissue injuries can take months, sometimes longer, to heal. Car crashes, especially rear-end car crashes, are notorious for causing soft tissue injuries in accident victims.

Just what is soft tissue damage? Soft tissue damage is essentially small micro-tears in the soft tissue that surround the muscles in our bodies. Adhesions will then form to patch the tissue that has been damaged.

Adhesions are nature’s Band-Aids for the body to heal these tears. In the short term, they are good. But if the person keeps using the injured area, the trauma will build, the adhesions will bind and, finally, they begin to impact the muscle on a deeper, even more painful level. They also can limit the functional range of motion of the part of the body that is suffering from soft tissue injury.

Rear-end accidents have a way of shaking a person’s body up. They make the body jerk suddenly forward and then back, often causing a whiplike motion of the neck. This can lead to whiplash, a form of soft tissue injury.

When you don’t get treatment for these types of injuries, you can end up with chronic, long-term pain and limited range of motion. Furthermore, when the adhesions latch onto the muscles, they pull everything in your body tighter, and thus can cause other pain elsewhere throughout the body — all because of being thrown forward in a car crash.

It is therefore important to get yourself checked out by a medical doctor, a chiropractor and any other experts in treating this type of injury from a rear-end crash. Chiropractors and osteopaths in particular are trained to treat injuries to the soft tissue of a person’s body.

Common damage includes:

  • Chronic neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Sprains
  • Burning sensation in the afflicted area
  • Numbness down the arm
  • Shoulder blade pain
  • And more

Insurance companies have a timeline for when your injury should be “fixed.” If you are still getting chiropractic care and massage for your injury, they will at some point cut you off, even though you may not have recovered fully. This is not fair or right, but it happens all the time.

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