Daly City woman struck by SF Muni bus over weekend dies

Eileen Barrett, 72-year-old Daly City, California, resident hit by a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus near Lake Merced. She passed away on Monday, February 18th.MUNI Bus Eileen Barrett was struck by an outbound 18-46th Avenue bus at about 4:30 p.m. at Lake Merced Boulevard. Although doctors initially thought she would survive this catastrophic accident, despite having been transported to a hospital with serious injuries, she did not make it. As is standard protocol for these kinds of accidents, the bus operator was expected to undergo drug and alcohol testing. San Francisco authorities expressed their condolences to the family and friends of Eileen Barrett and stated that a full investigation as to the cause of this accident is underway. Full article.

In many instances, an insurance company or public entity will dispute who is at fault for an accident of this measure. If the settlement offer is insufficient, a lawsuit may be filed to take your case to trial. Under California, a surviving spouse, children or parent has up to two years to file a wrongful death claim. The case does not necessarily have to be completed within this two year time period, however, it must be filed in the appropriate court before the time period ends.

At the law firm of Weber & Nierenberg, our attorneys work hard to help those who have lost loved ones seek justice. We are personal injury lawyers with offices throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland, San Rafael and San Jose. Our wrongful death attorneys have handled many types of wrongful death claims. You can feel confident in and comfortable with our ability to vigorously protect your interests. Even if you are not certain that you want to file a wrongful death claim, you may have questions that our attorneys can answer.

To discuss your concerns or just gain an understanding of your rights regarding a wrongful death claim, please contact our office by calling: 1-866-288-6010. The attorneys of Weber and Nierenberg have spent their entire career (almost 70 years of combined experience) representing injured persons exclusively. Our law firm offers a free initial consultation and represents clients on a contingency basis in wrongful death claims.

After a Motorcycle Accident – When an Insurer Calls You

Insurers are in Business to Make Money

Insurance companies are in business to make money. Depending on the insurance company, bonus or salary-incentive programs may be used to reward claims adjusters who save the company money by reducing claims payouts. In order to reduce claims payouts, insurance companies employ a number of tools and strategies. In motorcycle accidents where soft-tissue and head injuries are common, insurers often try to convince a motorcycle injury victim to accept a settlement offer as soon as possible after an accident.

Why? Simply put, it often takes weeks, if not months, for the full extent of soft-tissue, head, and neck injuries to be known. If an insurer can convince you to accept a settlement offer before the full extent of your injuries are known, they can save thousands of dollars in court costs and injury claims payouts.

What Should You Say if a Claims Adjuster Calls You?

A claims adjuster may sound empathetic, concerned enough after your motorcycle accident to “check in on you to see how you’re doing.” Don’t fall for it – in the vast majority of cases they’re trying to gain your confidence and make you comfortable enough to talk about your accident and answer their questions. These questions are not designed to clarify what happened in order to help you. Instead, these questions are more of a fishing expedition on their part: in talking to you, the claims adjuster is hoping you’ll say something the insurer can use to shift more – or all – of the blame for a motorcycle accident onto you, the injury victim.

Why is shifting blame onto the motorcycle rider important?

California is a pure comparative negligence state when it comes to recovering compensation in auto and motorcycle accident cases. Under the doctrine of pure comparative negligence, an injured person can recover damages for injuries sustained in an accident, regardless of whether or not they were at fault; however, their compensation will be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to them. For example, if you suffer $100,000 in losses but are found 80% at fault, you can only recover $20,000.

That’s why insurance companies want to talk to injured motorcyclists. They want to ask you questions to see if you say anything they can use later to shift more fault onto you, thereby reducing the amount in claims they have to pay you.

Contact San Francisco Bay Area Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Once you hire an attorney, insurance companies and their lawyers have to leave you alone and talk to your lawyer. At Weber & Nierenberg, we understand how to handle insurance companies and protect injured bikers’ financial and legal rights and interests. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our office before speaking with a representative from an insurance company.

For more information regarding our practice or to speak with one of our attorneys for a free consultation, call Weber & Nierenberg at 415-788-3900 or email us and we will contact you.

SUV collides with Muni Bus 5-4-10

An SUV struck a #6 Parnassus Muni bus at the intersection of Market and Montgomery in San Francisco. Reports state that the SUV struck an island divider and then the left side of the bus. The SUV driver was taken to San Francisco General Hospital for observation and treatment.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a vehicle accident — especially a serious injury such as a complex bone fracture, amputation, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury — you should seek experienced counsel.

Schedule a free, confidential consultation with the personal injury attorneys at the Weber & Nierenberg law firm by calling us toll free at1-866-288-6010.

Why do you need a personal injury attorney?

Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible in claims. They may claim that you were not hurt or that your injuries came from another accident or condition. They may downplay the seriousness of your injuries.

If you talk to the insurance company, do not allow yourself to be recorded. We recommend not making any statements to the insurance company without counsel from an experienced lawyer. It is best to leave all communications to an attorney who has extensive experience handling car accident injury claims. Insurance companies, even your own, will use anything you say against you. They are in the business of paying out as little as possible for car accident claims.

If you have been injured in a auto accident, retain the services of a personal injury attorney with extensive experience handling insurance companies and auto accident claims. Call the personal injury attorneys at Weber & Nierenberg to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation toll free at 1-866-288-6010 or fill out our intake form and we will contact you.

How can we help you?

Once you hire us, we will try to preserve all evidence that remains at the accident scene. We will inspect and photograph your motor vehicle. We will obtain and review all police, fire and ambulance reports. Interviewing witnesses before the insurance company or public entity does is crucial.

We work with a renowned motor vehicle accident reconstruction expert to reconstruct the accident so that the insurance company or public entity can fully understand what happened.

To discuss your SUV or Muni Bus accident claim or wrongful death claim with an experienced San Francisco Bay Area personal injury lawyer, please call attorney Joe Nierenberg toll free at 1-866-288-6010
for a free, confidential consultation.

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