Future of Autos: Self-Driving Cars

Google, Inc. is looking to the future of the automobile industry and hopes that self-driving cars will be available to consumers in three to five years. However, regulators and the insurance industry aren’t certain of this timeline. In order for this to be a reality, software and electronic sensors would have to not fail and need to have the reactions of a human. States would have to decide how to license machines and not people. Furthermore, insurance companies would have to decide how to assign fault in cases of an accident. Another issue to be resolved would be that safety standards would have to be rewritten to focus on electronics along with mechanics. See: Full article.

The future of self-driving cars may not happen for awhile. Therefore, in the meantime, it is important to follow current state safety driving regulations. Additionally, drivers need to be aware of preventable dangerous highway conditions. If an auto accident injury occurs when there was a preventable dangerous highway condition, a personal injury attorney can file a claim on your behalf against the public entity that is responsible.

Even as the future of car safety and driver management changes over the years, there will always be claims for personal injury and accident victims. To get a full understanding of your rights under the current state of the California law, talk to a personal injury attorney at the Weber and Nierenberg Law Firm at 1-866-288-6010 for a free consultation.

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