Tour Bus Crash in California

Officials are investigating a recent collision in a fatal tour bus crash in San Bernardino County where at least eight people died in the accident. An additional 38 people were injured after a tour bus careened out of control while traveling down a mountain road. The tour bus was carrying Mexican tourists when it struck a car and then flipped over and plowed into a pickup truck on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013. The bus was returning to Tijuana, Mexico. It is reported that the debris and body parts created a horrifying scene.

The bus could not be entered until Monday because the wreck was hanging dangerously off the side a road. The company that organized the bus trip, InterBus Tours of Tijuana, Mexico, offered its condolences to all of those affected and stated that the company that operated the bus involved in the crash had not had any crashes in the past two years. Full article.

Tour bus crashes are fast becoming one of the more common causes of car accident injury in this country. Under California state law, a driver that makes a left hand turn must yield to any vehicle that comes from the other way which will cross the path of the turn before the turn is completed.

Many drivers fail to assess if a turn can be safely completed and this can cause many accidents to ensue. Once the accident occurs, it is important to contact your local area auto accident attorney.

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