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The following are samples of recent verdicts we procured on behalf of our clients. While no one can guarantee any results in a particular case, these trial verdicts provide samples of the types of claims we handle daily and our successes.

Motorcycle Collision Caused by Illegally Parked Car — San Francisco
We represented a 29-year-old who rode his motorcycle over the posted speed limit and collided with an automobile pulling out from a stop sign in San Francisco. The automobile driver was uninsured, so we sued the owner of a van allegedly parked in an unmarked crosswalk at the intersection. We argued to the jury that the van caused a visual obstruction for our speeding client and the uninsured auto driver as they entered the intersection.

Our client suffered multiple upper- and lower-extremity fractures, rib fractures and pulmonary injury. The van owner denied parking his van in the unmarked crosswalk and argued not only that even if it was parked there, it would not have caused a vision obscurement but also that the accident was caused solely by our client’s speeding. Before trial, the defense made no offer of settlement. The defendant’s insurance carrier believed that the bias against a speeding motorcyclist would result in a defense verdict. The jury returned a total verdict of $1,080,050, reduced by 50 percent for our client’s admitted speeding.

“Dykes on Bikes” Motorcyclist vs. Automobile — San Francisco
We represented a 28-year-old member of the “Dykes on Bikes” San Francisco lesbian motorcycle club after she had attempted to pass a double-parked car that had neither flashers nor a turn signal engaged when it suddenly moved into her path. She suffered a lacerated and infected knee. The defendant’s insurance company believed there would be great bias against our client because of her sexual orientation. The jury verdict was four times as much as the defense had offered before trial.

Lane-Splitting Motorcyclist “Doored” — Oakland
Our firm represented a 43-year-old who was lane-splitting on the San Mateo Bridge when the defendant opened his car door and our client ran into it. Our client dislocated a toe and had out-of-pocket expenses totaling $18,843. Before trial, we lowered our client’s settlement demand to $89,000 and rejected the defendant’s offer of $80,000. We convinced the jury to award $171,000 to our client by neutralizing the jurors’ bias against lane-splitting during jury selection.

Bar Shooting — Oakland
Our 38-year-old client was at the Dog House Bar in Oakland when he became involved in a verbal argument with the bartender. The bartender pulled out a loaded pistol and struck our client on the head with it, causing it to discharge a bullet into his head. The bartender claimed self-defense. The defendant bar alleged that its own bartender was acting outside of his employment. Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury, but by the time of trial, he was back to work. The defendant bar offered $156,000 pre-trial. The jury awarded a verdict of $750,000 against both bar and bartender.

Gold Scam — Money Stolen from Bus Station Locker — San Francisco
We represented two brothers who bought into a man’s scam to sell them a large amount of gold bullion at a price far below market rate. The brothers had never met the man but were instructed by him to deposit $409,000 in cash in a Richmond Greyhound bus station locker. Our clients complied, kept a key to the locker and followed the man’s instructions not to speak to anyone for three hours, after which they would be notified where to pick up the gold in return for the key. After three hours, they had heard nothing and called the police, who checked the locker and found it empty.

The only employee at the bus station during this time said that a man approached him and said he had lost his wallet and the key to his locker. He described the briefcase accurately and opened the combination lock on it. The employee had the man fill out a lost-key form and gave him the suitcase. The money, the man and the gold were never found. Greyhound contended that its liability was limited to $10 by a notice posted on the locker. We contended that the locker was rented for 24 hours and that Greyhound had a responsibility to retain the locker contents for that period of time before turning it over to anyone. We further contended that the employee violated Greyhound’s rules and procedures by not asking for proper identification.

Greyhound never made a significant settlement offer. We took this case to trial twice: The first total verdict for $409,000 was appealed, and the second total verdict was for $409,000, plus a requirement that Greyhound pay $76,794 in interest. Both verdicts were reduced for our client’s comparative fault.

Intersection Auto Accident — Intoxicated Client — San Francisco
We represented a man who was driving with a 0.17 blood alcohol level and proved by neutralizing jurors’ bias against drinking and driving during jury selection that his intoxication did not matter when he properly entered an intersection on a green light and was struck at high speed by another car that made a left turn against the light and into his path. Our client suffered soft-tissue neck injuries and headaches. Although the defense offered only $12,500, we convinced the jury to award our client $90,000.

Muni Bus Slams Bus Shelter — Minor Client — San Francisco
Our firm represented a 17-year-old from San Francisco after a Muni bus struck her and then slammed into a bus shelter. Our client suffered lower-extremity lacerations, soft-tissue sprains and psychological injury. An arbitrator awarded her $37,500, which we rejected. On the first day of trial, Muni offered $95,000. We convinced a jury to award our client $150,000.

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