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Bikers Against Child Abuse California (B.A.C.A.)

Bikers Against Child Abuse California (B.A.C.A.) Works to Protect Children

A Group of Motorcycles

Founded by a licensed clinical social worker, this group of bikers raised nearly a million dollars nationwide in 2013 for a number of charities. The club enforces a well-defined set of criteria for its members, requiring fingerprinting and an extensive background check for admission to its ranks.

As a part of its mission statement, B.A.C.A. identifies as its primary objective the creation of “a safe environment for abused children.” Club members are committed to working with local and state mental health and child protective services to take concrete steps to protect children who are at risk. The organization has a specific process for support of abused children, as well as intervention, if necessary. Here’s how it works:

  • The club has a designated contact person (“liaison”) who takes calls from referring agencies or individuals
  • A “recognized authority” must make a determination that the child is still frightened by his or her environment
  • The B.A.C.A. liaison confirms that the case is being processed within the legal system
  • The liaison contacts the family and organizes a ride to meet the child in his or her home (or some other location where the child will feel comfortable)
  • Club members meet with the child, providing a club vest, bumper stickers and other gifts
  • The child is given the name and phone number of the two B.A.C.A. members living closest to him/her. The child may then call those members anytime he or she feels afraid.
  • A.C.A. members also escort children who feel unsafe in their homes or neighborhoods, ride by the children’s homes on a regular basis, support children in court proceedings, attend interviews, and stay with children when they feel alone or scared

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Who’s Responsible When There’s an E-Scooter Accident?

E-Scooters: Who Is Responsible When There’s an Accident?

Allocating Liability for E-Scooter Injuries

Bird Electric Scooters

E-scooter and dockless scooters are rapidly becoming a common site on the roadways across California, after some initial concerns by a number of municipalities. Earlier this year, Los Angeles County dropped its order to remove from public streets, and other local governments have started to follow suit. Unanswered, though, is the key question—who pays when someone is injured in an e-scooter/dockless scooter accident?

If you’ve rented one of the scooters using your phone, you know that there’s a lengthy waiver that you are supposed to read before getting on the motorized bikes. That would seem to imply that most, if not all, of the responsibility falls on the rider. While digitally signing the waiver may impose some responsibility on the rider, there are always exceptions to the rule:

  • The negligence of others — Simply signing a waiver does not make you absolutely liable for any injury you suffer. If, for example, you can prove that your injury was caused by someone else’s carelessness or negligence, that person can be held accountable. For example, if the scooter was not properly maintained, you can still bring a lawsuit against the company that provided the scooter, regardless of a waiver. In addition, if a homeowner or business owner leaves debris in the road, causing an accident, you may be able to recover damages from that party.
  • Poorly maintained roadways — What if you hit a patch of loose gravel or lose control of the scooter after hitting a pothole? The rules vary from municipality to municipality, but you may be able to bring legal action against the local government for negligence.

Concerns about liability for injuries have led to a new and burgeoning market for trip insurance, where scooter renters can opt to pay an additional fee for coverage for losses.

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