The California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP)

California Highway Patrol Administers Training for Bikers

The California Motorcycle Safety Program Statistics support what most motorcyclists already know—there’s an inherent risk to riding a motorcycle on California’s roadways. While the best you can do to protect yourself from the carelessness of other drivers is to pay close attention at all times and to drive defensively, you can sharpen your own skills and minimize the risk of injury.

Pursuant to California law, the California Highway Patrol has the responsibility for administering the state’s official motorcycle safety and training programs. The 15 hour Motorcycle Training Course (MTC) is a requirement for bikers under the age of 21. You must complete the program to get the motorcycle endorsement for your California drivers license. The basic program includes five hours of classroom learning and 10 hours on the road. A premier program is also available, with 7.5 hours in the classroom and 13.5 hours on the road.

The MTC is not limited, however, to new and younger bikers. In California, to receive your Class M1 or M2 (motorcycle) operator’s license, you must either complete the MTC or take a driving test at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Many older bikers choose to complete the MTC, so that they can waive the motorcycle skills test.

The DMV estimates that, through 2019, more than 1.2 million bikers have participated in the California Motorcycle Safety Program. The California Highway Patrol also offers advanced skills and safety training programs, encouraging motorcyclists to be lifelong learners.

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Los Angeles Pulls Uber Scooter Permit

Uber Scooter PermitThe city of Los Angeles has temporarily suspended rideshare giant Uber’s permit to rent scooters and bicycles city-wide. LA officials say the company opted not to obey city rules regarding data sharing. Uber operates its scooter and bicycle rentals through a subsidiary named Jump. According to a spokesperson for the city of Los Angeles, Uber is the only one of eight licensed vendors to intentionally ignore the data-sharing provisions. Uber has indicated that it will file legal action against the city rather than comply with data-sharing mandates.

Lawmakers in Los Angeles say data sharing is a critical component of efforts to maximize safety and minimize the risk of congestion and increased traffic problems. They say the information allows them to accurately and efficiently track the number of scooters in use, as well as where they are parked, so that streets and sidewalks don’t become impassable. Uber, however, says the rules raise significant concerns about the privacy rights of its customers and potential misuse of personal data.

City officials counter that their privacy and confidentiality standards are such that those concerns are unfounded. They insist that the data collected is about only the scooters and bicycles and has nothing to do with the riders. Jump currently has a permit that allows it to rent as many as 5,500 scooters and bikes. The entire city allows just over 36,000 dockless vehicles on the roads.

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Electric Moped Usage Expected to Increase

Rental Programs Being Expanded Nationwide

Electric Moped Usage Expected to IncreaseIt may seem like electric scooters have taken over many American cities—companies such as Bird and Lime have seen phenomenal growth over the past few years. There’s another wave coming, though, say industry watchers and experts, as electric moped rental programs are becoming more available and more popular across the country. From Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, from San Francisco to Pittsburgh, it’s becoming easier and easier to rent, ride and drop off an electric moped. Users say they are often comparable to public transportation and typically cheaper than ride-share options such as Lyft and Uber.

The Difference between a Scooter and a Moped

One of the fundamental differences between a scooter and a moped involves the function of the motor. On a scooter, the motor is intended to provide all locomotion, whereas a moped acts more like a hybrid between a bicycle and a motorcycle. With a moped, the rider can still pedal and the motor augments pedaling. The laws governing (and even defining) electric mopeds vary from state to state. In California, for example, scooters and motorized bicycles don’t require a motorcycle-specific operating license and can be driven without being registered with the DMV. A moped, conversely, requires a specific motorcycle license (M1 or M2) and must be registered.

Thus far, electric moped sharing programs have not involved as much controversy as electric scooters. Advocates say that while scooters tend to be left just about anywhere, the mopeds typically must be left in designated motorcycle spots or street parking.

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Get Ready to Ride

A Maintenance Checklist to Get Your Motorcycle Road-Ready

Get Your Motorcycle Road-ReadyThere are many factors that contribute to your safety on a motorcycle, but one of the most important is consistent, thorough and regular maintenance of your bike. You may already have some miles in this summer, but it’s never too late to run through a checklist to make certain your bike operates at peak performance.

If your motorcycle’s been idle for more than about six weeks, it’s usually a good idea to drain the fuel tank (including the carburetors) and put in new gas. While you’re at it, check the oil to make certain the level’s where it should be. Check the battery, too—it’s the most common problem with a bike that’s been in the garage for the winter.

Before you pull out onto the road, check your brakes. Look at the pads, check the lines and make certain you have plenty of fluid. Do a couple of loops in the driveway, testing the front and back brakes individually, listening for scraping or squealing and confirming that they respond properly.

Look at your tires, too. If there’s any evidence of cracking or dry rot, put new tires on before you hit the road. Make certain your tire pressure is good, too. Low pressure can make handling the bike a challenge.

Your gear is also a part of good maintenance. Make certain your helmet, jacket and gloves are in good shape and will provide the protection you need.

Lastly—do a little personal maintenance as well. If it’s been a while since you’ve been on the bike, take a couple easy laps around the block first. Re-acquaint yourself with all the controls, from the throttle to the brakes to the steering.

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California Full of Good Motorcycle Clubs


Mention motorcycle clubs to most people and you’ll get a dirty look. There’s a common (and incorrect) perception that all organized motorcycle groups are gangs, engaged in illegal activity and acts of violence. On the contrary, officials say that about 1% of the motorcycle clubs in California are what police consider to be “outlaw” clubs. Here are three of the better known “good” clubs throughout the state:

  • The Folsom Freedom Riders—This club welcomes law enforcement officers as members. It’s open to men and women, and there’s no requirement that you have any specific career interest or affiliation.
  • The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, with affiliates in California, is an African-American club with the stated mission “to promote a positive image that would be respected in the community and throughout the country.” Club members consider themselves role models for their communities. Founded in 1994, the Buffalo Soldiers participate in a number of annual charities, including providing Thanksgiving food baskets in communities across the country.
  • Bikers Against Child Abuse—With five chapters in the Golden State, BACA dedicates its efforts to empowering abused children. Founded in 1995 by child therapist John Paul Lilly, BACA is active in 48 states and nine countries.

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More Motorcycles On The Road Resulting in More Motorcycle Deaths

With gas prices soaring and people more concerned than ever with saving money due to the economy, it is not surprising that motorcycle sales are on the rise. In fact, motorcycle sales have increased by approximately 30% since 2001. People buy motorcycles because they get great gas mileage, they are cost effective, and bikers are cool.

However, and not surprisingly, with increased motorcycle sales, motorcycle accidents have also risen, as have motorcycle deaths. Motorcycle related deaths have risen an alarming 50% to coincide with the increased sales.

According to statistics, motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to be killed in a motor vehicle accident than car drivers, with a large percentage coming in the first year of owning a bike because of the lack experience and inability to recognize dangers. Motorcyclists must be extra defensive when riding because regardless of fault, they will likely be severely injured or killed.

Motorcycle accidents and the wrongful death of motorcyclists can occur in many ways, including the following common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • An automobile strikes a motorcyclist because the car driver is not paying attention
  • A motorcycle accident caused by a defective road condition, such as pothole or road construction with inadequate warning
  • Motorcycle accidents caused by cars driving too close to the motorcycle
  • Accidents cause by motor vehicle drivers failing to stop at a red light or stop sign

We want you to be extra cautious when riding a motorcycle, especially if you are a beginner. Talk to other bikers and learn how to recognize and avoid accidents or car crashes. However, if you have been involved in a motorcycle wreck, or if you lost a loved one in a motorcycle collision, we may be able to help.

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