Keeping Safe on Your Motorcycle during the Pandemic

Strategies to Protect Your Health During the COVID-19 Crisis

Keeping Safe on Your Motorcycle during the PandemicIn many ways, riding a motorcycle is an ideal way to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. You’re outside and, unless you have a passenger on your bike, you’re socially distanced from everyone around you. Furthermore, because California has a helmet law in effect, you’ll essentially be masked up whenever you get on your bike and hit the road.

First, though, a caveat about riding your motorcycle during the pandemic—there’s always a risk, whenever you go anywhere, of either contracting the virus or spreading it to others. If possible, restrict your riding to essential tasks—going to work, the grocery store, or medical appointments. For your safety and the safety of everyone else, avoid trips that are purely for personal pleasure…until we can all ride safely.

Tips for Staying Safe When You Go Out

Regardless of why you ride, follow these simple recommendations:

  • Don’t travel in groups and don’t stop for group gatherings—We understand that motorcyclists can be a gregarious and extroverted lot. For the time being, though, avoid the urge to get together with anyone outside your immediate household. It’s the easiest way to pass the virus to others.
  • Maintain the same level of attention and diligence—The roads may be less traveled, with many staying home, but the hazards are still there. Don’t reduce your focus just because there are fewer people on the road.
  • Use the opportunity to develop your skills—With many retail establishments closed, there are ample opportunities to use vacant parking lots to learn bike-handling techniques.

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