Motorcycle Safety Gear: Helmets

Headgear Options for Bikers

Motorcycle Safety Gear: HelmetsThough there’s long been debate about the effectiveness of helmets for motorcyclists, studies indicate that the use of helmets reduces the risk of both head injury (by 69%) and death (by 42%). One study found 10 times as many fatalities in states without universal helmet laws. After Michigan’s helmet law was repealed in 2012, a report found that there was a 14% increase in motorcycle-accident-related head injuries and a 38% increase in bike-related skull fractures.

The Different Types of Helmets

Bikers have three basic types of helmets from which to choose:

  • full helmet,
  • ¾ helmet, and
  • ½ helmet.

For maximum protection, use a full helmet. Full helmets come in a wide array of shapes and sizes but always include full protection for your head and face. They have a rigid outer shell with a full-face visor that rotates out of the way and often locks into place. Higher-end helmets typically have more padding inside and may include a built-in camera or speakers, along with Bluetooth capability.

The ¾ helmet offers many of the same features as the full helmet, but with minimal or no face protection. If there’s a visor, it typically pivots up and down to cover the eyes. The protection in the top, side, and back of the helmet is similar to the full-face helmet, but you’ll find less protection in the chin and lower facial area.

The ½ helmet usually offers the same type of rigid construction and padding but covers only the top of your head and part of the back and/or sides. There’s no facial protection at all, so you may want to sport goggles or protective glasses.

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