Important Information to Get at the Accident Scene

If you are reading this articleAfter Car Accident, you are probably past the point of having had an accident or are on your smartphone looking up what to do in case of accident, maybe even at the accident you have just been involved in.

Here’s information for you to know at the crash scene.

  1. Stop. If you leave the scene of the accident, you could face criminal charges. You don’t have to get out of the car, especially if the person in the other car seems to be upset and is threatening in any way.
  2. Pull off the road if possible. If you’ve just had a minor accident, then it should be fine to pull off and get to safety. If you can’t move your car, however, but can get out of it, do get to the side of the road quickly. That will make things safer for you.
  3. Call the police. When they arrive, be careful of what you say about how the accident happened. Provide the minimal information possible without being rude.
    There are times in the past when insurance companies have used the words of flustered accident victims against them. Some innocent people naturally have a tendency to feel “wrong” or “at fault” when there is an accident, even if the crash was caused wholly by the other person’s carelessness. So, don’t admit to any wrongdoing.
  4. Gather contact information, including a phone number from the driver in the other car. To save time, if you have a smartphone, you might just photograph the person’s license, car registration and insurance information, including the number of the insurance company or agent.
    Obtain the contact information of all passengers from both cars, as well as witnesses to the accident. Again, speak little, but be polite. There are times when even a conversation can be misconstrued and used against you down the road when it comes time to settle your claim.
  5. Make sure to note the time, day, date and location of the crash. Note the weather — was it raining? Sunny? Foggy? Was there heavy traffic? And also note the road conditions and whether construction was ongoing. All this information may be useful in case you need to defend yourself or file a legal claim against the other person for personal injury compensation to pay for the costs of your medical treatment and other damages.
  6. Photograph the accident scene, if you can. Document if possible all involved vehicles, and your bruises and injuries.
  7. Make sure you obtain the police case number of the report that was taken, and the department location and phone number so you can get a copy of the report later with ease.

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