Jef Leppard – The Bay Area Loses a much Loved Musician

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On June 10 this year, the Bay Area music community lost one of its own as Jeff Davis – a.k.a., Jef Leppard – and his wife Nikki were involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. According to available reports, Jeff and Nikki were struck by a Grey Audi at 30th Avenue and Fulton St. in San Francisco. Nikki was a passenger on the motorcycle and was ejected from the seat. She was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital with serious injuries and was listed in critical condition. Jeff (age 39), unfortunately, was pinned under the Audi and sustained fatal injuries. He was pronounced dead on arrival at San Francisco General.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident Affects Family and Fans of Jef Leppard

Mr. Davis played in a number of Bay Area heavy metal bands before settling more and more into the role of a much sought after audio engineer. Mr. Davis helped Bay Area bands like Aerial Ruin create a unique sound that helped define each band’s sound vision. Mr. Davis’ passion for his job and the music he loved meant he often spent long hours working directly with band members on track after track of recorded music for little or no compensation. Although Jeff worked full-time during the day, his unwavering commitment to friends and music meant he was more than willing to work late into the night helping the musicians that came to admire and love him.

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