Motorcycle Accidents and Spinal Injuries

Helpful Legal Information for You Following a Serious Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accidents and Spinal Injuries

A helmet can protect a rider’s head, but the spine remains vulnerable in a motorcycle/car collision and other types of motorcycle accidents. If you or a loved one suffered injury the spine or neck in the Bay area or anywhere in Northern California, you’ll need legal help in your fight against insurers.

Attorney Joseph S. Nierenberg of the San Francisco law firm of Weber of Weber & Nierenberg have handled dozens of catastrophic motorcycle accident claims involving head, neck and back injuries. With over 27 years of experience assisting clients facing challenges similar to yours, we can provide the timely and results-driven help you need.

A Recent Case Illustrates Our Experience in Handling Motorcycle Accidents and Spinal Injuries

Our client was enjoying a motorcycle ride when a car in front of him turned abruptly turned into his path. The ensuing accident led to spinal cord injuries that required spinal fusions at multiple vertebrae levels.

The defending insurer predictably focused its response on the fact that our client was exceeding the speed limit slightly at the time of the accident. However, we worked with a skilled accident reconstructionist to prove that the fault lay with the driver of the car. The result? A settlement of over $1.1 million.

Insurers will likely work aggressively to minimize or deny your motorcycle injury claim. For experienced legal help in pursuing the full and fair compensation you are owed following a spinal injury, contact Weber of Weber & Nierenberg by calling 1-866-288-6010.

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