Motorcycle crash kills one San Diego woman

In San Diego, a 31 year-old woman was killed after a motorcycle she was riding struck a truck that had turned in front of her motorcycle. As a result, she was thrown from her bike. Drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the accident. The driver was identified as a driver of a Ford F-150. He was an 85 year-old man who suffered only minor injuries from broken glass. At the time of the accident, the motorcyclist was heading eastbound on State Route 94 around midday. When she approached an intersection at Emery Road, the driver of the truck turned left. While the deceased biker was wearing full safety gear she did not have enough time to veer out of the driver’s way. See Full article here.

Accidents can occur for any reason. Many preventable dangerous highway conditions are the causes of auto accident injuries. When someone is injured or dies in an intersection accident, rear-end collision, accident involving a pedestrian in the crosswalk, freeway crash, multiple-car pile-up or other car accident, an experienced attorney may be essential to avail your rights. If an auto accident is caused by bad brakes, improperly manufactured tires or another defective product, the attorneys at Weber & Nierenberg will pursue a defective-product case on your behalf.

Have you or someone you know been a victim of a personal injury matter, motorcycle accidents, or have you lost someone to a wrongful death? If so, you are entitled to know your rights and pursue a legal claim. To discuss your matter, please contact Weber & Nierenberg by calling 1-866-288-6010 for a free consultation. Note that the attorneys of Weber and Nierenberg represent clients on a contingency basis in wrongful death claims.

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