Sacramento Reopens to E-Scooters

City Allows Electric Scooters Back on Roads After Pandemic-Related Suspension

When You're in a Motorcycle Accident Caused by a Road HazardIn April, responding to the explosion of COVID-19 cases in California and across the nation, the city of Sacramento temporarily suspended all permits allowing e-scooters and bicycles to operate on city streets. Officials say the measure was almost unnecessary, as most e-scooter companies had already removed their vehicles from the roads, expressing concerns about public health and potential liability.

On June 22, as the state of California sought to re-open, Sacramento let e-scooter companies resume operations on city streets. E-scooter company Spin has since delivered 250 of its vehicles to the city. The city is requiring, however, that all e-scooter companies employ rigorous procedures to minimize the risk of contamination by the coronavirus. Spin representatives say they are taking the following actions:

  • Every scooter is sanitized and disinfected twice daily.
  • All scooter maintenance workers are required to wear personal protective equipment, including a mask, gloves, and safety glasses.
  • All personnel who have direct interaction with the public must also wear personal protective equipment when doing so.

Public health officials say scooters and bicycles are one of the safest ways to travel during the pandemic, as they are out in the open and don’t put commuters at risk of proximity or exposure to drivers, passengers, or other commuters. They do recommend, however, that anyone choosing to travel by e-scooter or bicycle carry hand sanitizer and carefully wipe down all surfaces of the scooter before getting on the vehicle. Spin is asking all customers to wash their hands before and after using one of the e-scooters, to wear appropriate face coverings, and to follow local government guidelines.

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