SF City Attorney Puts Brakes on Scooter Sharing Programs

SF City Attorney Puts Brakes on Scooter Sharing ProgramsFor the earlier part of 2018, it wasn’t unusual to walk the streets of San Francisco and see motor scooter around just about every corner. It was the result of an Uber-like application, where riders could use their phone to rent a scooter, and then could leave it wherever they were when they were done. Among the companies offering the two-wheeled vehicles were Bird, Lime and Spin. Representatives of the companies say they offer a wide range of benefits to the city, reducing traffic and pollution. Many consumers expressed appreciation for the convenience the scooters offer, as well as the ease of operating them.

But San Francisco city officials had another perspective on the scooter issue. Many in city government found them to be a nuisance, saying that they often blocked sidewalks and curbs, and that there were broken scooter strewn across the city. Citing concerns for safety of riders and pedestrians, the city attorney issued a cease and desist order on Monday, April 16. The order came after city workers seized 66 scooters on Friday, April 13, contending that the motorized vehicles were impeding traffic.

City official said that, in addition to littering the landscape, the scooters posed other dangers—many riders were observed riding on sidewalks, exceeding the speed limit or riding without a helmet.

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