The California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP)

California Highway Patrol Administers Training for Bikers

The California Motorcycle Safety Program Statistics support what most motorcyclists already know—there’s an inherent risk to riding a motorcycle on California’s roadways. While the best you can do to protect yourself from the carelessness of other drivers is to pay close attention at all times and to drive defensively, you can sharpen your own skills and minimize the risk of injury.

Pursuant to California law, the California Highway Patrol has the responsibility for administering the state’s official motorcycle safety and training programs. The 15 hour Motorcycle Training Course (MTC) is a requirement for bikers under the age of 21. You must complete the program to get the motorcycle endorsement for your California drivers license. The basic program includes five hours of classroom learning and 10 hours on the road. A premier program is also available, with 7.5 hours in the classroom and 13.5 hours on the road.

The MTC is not limited, however, to new and younger bikers. In California, to receive your Class M1 or M2 (motorcycle) operator’s license, you must either complete the MTC or take a driving test at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Many older bikers choose to complete the MTC, so that they can waive the motorcycle skills test.

The DMV estimates that, through 2019, more than 1.2 million bikers have participated in the California Motorcycle Safety Program. The California Highway Patrol also offers advanced skills and safety training programs, encouraging motorcyclists to be lifelong learners.

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