What to Look for in a Motorcycle Helmet


California has one of the strictest helmet laws in the country. The statute not only requires that all motorcycle operators wear a helmet, but mandates that passengers do as well. In fact, a passenger wearing a helmet can be ticketed for riding on a bike with an unhelmeted driver.

Because it’s a piece of gear that you need to have, you want a good understanding of what’s available and what you want to see in a motorcycle helmet.

Helmet Style

The first decision you’ll have to make has to do with the style of helmet. There are five different types available:

  • Full face—On the full face helmets, there’s a face guard that’s permanently fixed in place
  • Modular—On the modular helmet, there’s a hinge that allows you to flip the face guard up, so that you can have an open-faced helmet
  • ADV dual sport—Dual sport helmets can be full face, modular or open face, but have a peak or visor built in to shield the sun
  • Open face—An open face helmet has no face guard
  • Half shell—Half shell motorcycle helmets typically just cover the top of the head, leaving ears exposed

Helmet Features

You need to evaluate three different components of the helmet:

  • Shell material—You can get carbon fiber (the most expensive) or polycarbonate (cheaper). Both will absorb and distribute energy, but carbon fiber does a better job. A good compromise can be a fiberglass composite.
  • Helmet weight—You don’t want a helmet that weighs more than 1800 grams. Make certain the center of gravity is where it’s supposed to be or you may experience neck and shoulder pain.
  • Comfort features—There’s a whole range of additional features that can enhance your riding, from wind noise reduction systems to communications and Bluetooth stereo.

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